Can you see and hear flavours?

Exploring the effects of multi-sensory stimulation on the anticipation of ice cream flavour

This was an exploratory research project aiming to apply existing research findings to the designing of a novel prototype via the Research through Design (RtD) approach. The purpose of the project was to find out whether stimulations of our senses can anticipate the experience of eating ice cream. The design space was explored through three iterations of prototypes.

Different methods of evaluation technique were used to analyse the findings from informal experiments. Final prototypes collected quantitative data by conducting interviews and experiments that led to the findings of the research questions.

The main challenge was how to (as accurate as I can) simulate different flavours with more practical solutions for the project scope. Through few prototypes, research and visiting labs in the field I was able to create a desirable solution to collect data.

The findings, to an extent, evidenced that using visual and auditory cues in the anticipation phase can create matching sensations of flavour to the actual flavour tasted. Moreover, through the prototype, the enjoyment of ice cream consumption can be enhanced.

Project Owner: Ting Chih Wang
Year: 2015