Project T.itchen

Exploring the culinary world with all senses

As an aspiring home chef and gastro foodie I have always wanted to share my experiences in food to the world. Some friends call me a ‘Food Map’, they come to me when one of the most important question comes up in their day – “Where to eat?”. Thus, Project T.itchen was born. From sharing my own recipes, to my go-to brands and food map in London. The project consists of my passion for the gastronomy world.

I started with sketching and brainstorming ideas for general graphic style and the colour theme. The website was created using Wordpress hosted on AWS. To make all parts of the website possible, I did an extensive research on the theme and plugins to use. After setting up the environment, I started to put together the content and adjust plugins to fit my needs. The website is also fully responsive. This is an on-going project so T.itchen will keep growing and reaching more audiences.

Project Owner: Ting Chih Wang
Website Link: visit website
Year: 2018