Be a Magician

SyFy: The Magicians

This project was created to launch The Magicians tv series on SyFy channel.

The experience introduced Brakebills University, the main characters and magic spells along the series. The project took the experience to another level that immersed fans into learning and performing their own spells as a new episode aired each week. The experience was fully responsive and worked perfectly (and a little differently) on every devices.

During the project, preview clips were provided by SyFy to create these magic lessons and detailed introduction to the magic world. I was in charge of identifying different segments and elements we could use in the clips and discussed with the team how these can be utilised in creating the full experience. UX journey of the website on different devices for different weeks were also discussed and analysed.

The process was challenging and fun at the same time, I certainly learned a lot. We brainstormed many different creative ideas, iterations, graphics and technologies and analysed how to implement to make the experience possible.

Client: SyFy
Agency: Unit9
Creative Assistant: Ting Chih Wang
Year: 2016