BBC News Reimagined

Revolutionise news consumption habits

This two-week intensive project used an iterative design process from the planning and research, to ideation and the final solution. A new concept of news mobile application was produced to serve the purpose of providing an easy, smooth and continuous journey for users.

At the start of the project, we gathered information about the news reading habits in the UK through questionnaires and interviews. Using these data, we started to brainstorm ideas by identifying the existing problems and created personas and use cases . Ideas were sketched and prototypes were produced from low-fidelity to high-fidelity.

The final idea was developed through multiple rounds of user testing, using user feedback to iteratively improve the design. Our final solution created an easy and tailored user journey for all types of users, which helped to encourage news reading online.

Project Owner: Ting Chih Wang, Tanay M. Kapoor, Kexin Li, Sam Naylor, Matthew Pateman
Project report: full report
Year: 2015