BBC Food Reimagined

Redesign BBC Food

I believe we all have the moment where we need to cook ourselves or friends and family a nice meal (or even just a quick dinner), but we have absolutely no idea what to make. This is when we go online and look for recipes.

This project reviewed the current BBC Food website and using the existing content to create a new idea for a BBC Food app. The project started by looking into the current website, competitor websites and brainstormed what exists and what is missing. After ideation, some main features that will improve the user experience of a recipe app were identified. Then, I created storyboards and wireframes to demonstrate the ideas and user journey. Animated mockups were also created via Justinmind to further present the solution.

The app includes few main features:

Recipe Suggestions
Recipe suggestions by learning the user’s interests from keywords searched, recipe saved and viewed. The suggestions are shown in the feed when users enter the app.

Recipe Categorisation and Interaction
Recipe categories are shown upon entering the app. The users can add, remove or reorganise the categories shown to their preferences. Each recipe has detailed information about the ingredients, preparation methods and tips. Users can also share and comment on the recipe to improve engagement.

Get Your Ingredients
Sometimes we are unfamiliar with some ingredients and have absolutely no idea where to buy them from. An overview of each ingredient and retail price comparison are available on the recipes. Users are able to add ingredients to their shopping basket from multiple retail sources that takes them to the checkout process individually.

Magic Bowl
The moment you look at your refrigerator with a blank eye, this is where the feature comes in. Users enter ingredients they have available, the app will search through recipes and display recipes based on the ingredients.

Project Owner: Ting Chih Wang
Year: 2014